The history of  the Caucasus Peoples` Friendship Institute Foundation

The Institute of the Caucasus Peoples` Friendship  was established in  Stavropol in 1993 by a famous modern scientist - economist Boris Konstantinovich Tebeyev. It was his idea to give the educational institution this name – the  Institute of Peoples` Friendship of the Caucasus( ИнститутДружбыНародовКавказа – ИДНК, IDNK).  The name which  later became the expression of the philosophy of the educational process of the Institute.
Educational programs chosen in the area of Humanities - (Economics, management and psychology) responded to the public interest of that time. The Institute adopted and introduced – a bit prematurely -  the European education system, and it was the  first time in the city and region that  the  students were trained for the degree of a  bachelor, which allowed in the period of four years to train economists and psychologists for the needs of the region. The Institute was established the lowest tuition fee  of 100 rubles per year. This opened the doors of the Institute to school with different levels of well-being. So the first enrollment was very competititve.

At this time the Institute  had another mission, it was  to support  the scientific elite of the region, to enable the teachers who could not provide their living  on the salaries of an Associate Professor, a Professor, and  who  were forced to leave the education system at that time.
Well-known scientists  Professor Alexander Leaders, Professor Yuri Frolov, who came from Moscow State University and delivered lectures for the students were among the first lecturers of IDNC. They  laid traditions of the Faculty of Psychology at the Institute.
A group of scientists from Australia was specially invited for delivering lectures on management. Three professors from the  University of Sydney were  delivering lectures and  giving master classes for future economists, managers  within the period of two months. Simultaneous interpretation was provided by an enthusiastic teacher  Professor Anatoly Reshetov.
The lecture rooms were overcrowded when the lectures on Economics were delivered by the founder of the Institute Professor Boris Konstantinovich Tebeyev. The students were very enthusiastic and enjoyed them very much.

Traditionally, the opening  word in the beginning of each school year is provided to Ulanbek Usenbekovich Magomedov, because he  delivered  the first lecture  to the students. Professor  Yuri Rafaelovich Tumanyan,who is one of the students` favorites, has been working at the Institute since  the day of its foundation. And a large  number of  wonderful teachers of the higher school were employed and they  founded  the culture of education at the Institute  and determined the high level of standards among the  staff of the teachers..
The years went by. In 1997 the University has been accredited, the number of graduates increased. New specialties, their range were expanded.
The graduates of the Institute determined  its viability and success.
Another landmark was the opening in 1998 the full-time Department and the faculty of International relations, which has  become the pride of the Institute.

The first impulse in the development of  the culture of educational work of the Institute  was the invitation  from Moscow  of a  producer Oleg Sbyshevski to create the Students` theatre of variety miniatures.   The first  full-time students staged a  mini-performance on the motives of  “Master and Margarita" based on Bulgakov play and this brought the students of IDNC  to the level beyond the one of a province. The breadth and depth  of the problems disclosed by a presented performance  determined the fate of many of the graduates of those years. Almost all of the first graduates were able to avoid patterns of thinking and to find the strength to overcome  the obstacles of those difficult nineties.
Since then, it is possible in the activity of the Institute for any student or an employee to have  the right to uphold his or her  principles..
The governing body  of the Institute, looking ahead, assessing the future and trying to be prepared for it  planned the development of an Institution not only as a chamber of the educational institution, but also as an institution included in the global transformation processes.
To see the possibilities, unnoticed by others, to get creative ideas, to search for the original forms of teaching - only this made it possible  to identify and ensure the success of the Institute in the situation  of the negative attitude to the system of private education, existing at that time in the Russian society.
The Institute opened  new, unusual for  Stavropol specialties, such as: "Theology", "Public relations".

Rarity of selected range of  the programs provided by the Institute  determined the originality of its  graduates` success.
Among them:
• the Archbishop of  Pyatigorsk Theophylact;
• The Bishop of Yakutsk  Roman

• Archpriest Valentin (Korneev) -- Dean of the Orthodox churches in Karachaevo-Cherkessia;
•Abbot Andrew – Rector of Yakutsk Seminary
• Priest Eugene (Shishkin) - Secretary of an Academic Council of  Stavropol Theological Seminary;
• Yurchenko, A. –  head of administration, Budennovsk;
• Serov IV –   head of the administration of Oktyabrsky rayon, Stavropol;
In 2005 the first in  the South of Russia students` Church  - the Church of the Holy Martyr Tatyana was opened at the Institute.. The church became a new  stream of spiritual and moral orientation in the  activity of the Institute. Archbishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz Theofan ( today a Metropolitan of Chelyabinsk)  announced the first Monday after Easter as the day of  the Orthodox youth of the region. Since 2007, on this day, young members of the Orthodox Church  meet together at the Institute when music of spiritual choirs is unusually touching  and it  fills  the walls of the Institute.
It has become a tradition to hold on this day a  competition named " the Bright angel"

Every year on January 25, on the day of St.Tatiana,  the feast day of  the Institute Church  special celebration which includes the  Liturgy, traditional student festivities take place..   Since 2005 in IDNC pilgrimage center "Vera" has been working. There is a tradition to arrange common  pilgrimage trips of the teachers and the students. There were  trips  to the Solovetsky Islands, Valaam, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, mount Moses, the Holy Land.     A great achievement of IDNC was  the purchase in 2000 of its own new building and the construction of the gym which  resulted in  the achievements of the Institute in different  kinds of  sport, one of them being mini-football. For several years IDNC has been  the holder of the ATB Cup  - the most prestigious sports competition in  Stavropolkray. IDNC was more than once a  winner in sports competitions among the universities of the region, held in  8 kinds of sport.
In 2009 - 2010 the team of athletes, as well as  the prize-winners of competitions in Russia -  volleyball and basketball teams have brought a lot of victories to the Institute.A great role in this was played by the head of the Department of physical culture and sports  Maslennikov A. Yu
The interest to the Institute  displayed by the inhabitants of the region resulted in the enrollment  of gifted youth who  promoted it at the market of services in education area.    Personnel policy determined the need of opening of a postgraduate course in three specialities -   Economy, Management and Psychology. This required the employment  of new personnel. The interuniversity agreements with the Southern Federal University, Volgograd State University, private schools of Moscow State University and other leading universities of Russia, Europe and Asia were signed and implemented.      Our own strategy of scientific socialization of the Institute allowed the researches of IDNC to have a ties  with the Eurasian club of Scientists, to become members of the Free Economic Society, the International Union of economists, the European club of rectors, Academy of Business, this opened the opportunity for the scientists of the University to find their  place in the world scientific community.
Numerous awards distinguishing the many-sided activity of the Institute, a gallery of portraits of the teaching staff, the brightest representatives of modern science being among them, wonderful material base, information support of the educational process and  happy faces of the students - this is the result of a commitment of the staff of the Institute to occupy the best leading place.

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